Custom Software Development and Engineering

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Custom Software Development, Engineering, and Design

Stickman Ventures is a global company whose aim is to improve how our clients get work done by building custom software that delivers distinct and lasting excellence.

Our Vision

We believe if our clients are successful, we are successful.


We have experienced first-hand the difficulty inherent to producing and delivering custom software that meets business needs. While internet connectivity increased access businesses had to custom software development firms, the global market was hampered by unethical companies, poor documentation and code standards, and out-of-date approaches. It seemed clear that there should be a firm focused on delivering people-first software, innovation, and always documented systems. Our response, the company Stickman Ventures, was launched in August 2007 and has been growing ever since.


Stickman Ventures Inc is privately held corporation headquartered in the Cowboy Capital of the World: Oakdale, California.

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