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Jobs and Internships Want to create positive impact for organizations of all sizes? Join us.

Who we are

We are a global company of engineers, programmers, designers, researchers, scientists, and more. Our core vision is that if our clients are successful, we are are successful.

We work in cross-functional teams with various experiences and backgrounds, who can take on new challenges across a wide range of industries and organization sizes. Whether you're working remotely, on-site for a client, or at our office, you become part of the fabric that makes our company operate and we greatly appreciate that. Your success, is our success.

What we do

We listen to our clients and help them solve hard problems.

Our Community

Our core values drive us to do good no matter what the cause. We contribute to open source because it benefits a great deal of people. We contribute our time to local causes, helping others in need. We volunteer in our community to help lift ourselves and neighbors to greater heights.


We run an internship program for 8 to 12 weeks during the summer (June - August). We typically take applicants for Design, Development, and Business roles, but whatever your skillset is we never turn down a summer candidate before at least an interview. Regardless of if we think you’re a right fit for Stickman at this time, we consider it our responsibility to invest time in our community: don’t hesitate to contact us!

Upcoming openings

Software Engineering - Web Platform

Software Engineering - Kubernetes

Software Engineering - Open Source Tooling

Field Marketing Manager - Mid-Market US

Product Manager - Process Engineering

Stategic Development Manager - US

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