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Web performance testing with a game style twist was the showcase at our Google Chrome Dev Summit.


Stickman Ventures provides enterprises with an independent perspective that allows us to deliver substantial performance improvements at the team, division, or organizational level.

By delivering on our values, we have been able to build distinctive custom software, process and change management, and training that have exceeded the needs and requirements of organizations including Google, Samsung, AT&T and more.

CASE: Racing for the performance crown


Competing on the global market requires flexibility and responsiveness. Processes can change overnight, new integrations require new or updated tools, and there always seems to be a shortage of people to handle the workload.

Stickman Ventures helps mid-market firms turn their current email-and-spreadsheet processes into custom software. We expand integrations and features in existing software to deliver cost-effective utilization of infrastructure tailored to our clients’ needs.

We’ve helped organizations across a wide range of industries, including media, manufacturing, travel and tourism, commercial flight and aviation, and many more.

CASE: Diversifying Online With Performant Web Technologies
From call to takeoff, a faster round trip then the competition.
From brick and mortor to online expansion, taking toffee that breaks your heart and not your teeth to a wider audience.

Small Business

From optimizing a web storefront for speed to convert new visitors, to offering better point-of-sale system integrations that work for those customers walking in the door, Stickman Ventures is committed to helping small businesses succeed.

We help small businesses by offering custom integrations into the tools they may already be using; from Clover at the sales counter, to Shopify or Wordpress online, we work to find a process that works best for them and their customers. Whether that’s selling delicious toffee or offering 24 hour plumbing services, we’ll help you succeed.

CASE: Saving water and engaging customers with a progressive web app


The way people find and interact with non-profits is continuing to change. From modern 3D experiences and virtual reality to donations from a mobile device, Stickman Ventures makes sure supporters of a great cause can reach where they need to go.

Whether we’re helping to sell virtual tiles to raise money for repairs, setup software to deliver healthy food to children in need, or offer better internet to those less fortunate, we focus on the mission of the non-profit and deliver the processes, documentation, and experiences that non-profits needs to be successful.

Reaching children and offering a healthy snack; delivering almonds to kids in need.

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