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Saving water and engaging customers with a progressive web app A blistering drought, an environmental need, and tool that both techs and customer could use

Build a streamlined water conservation calculator for use by technicians in the field and customers


2.5 X Industry Average Conversion Rates for Appointments

Increased awareness of new serviceasset protection plans

The web was a growth vector that Martin Plumbing could no longer ignore. After establishing themselves as a leader in residential, commercial, and specialized plumbing services for the California Central Valley region, Martin Plumbing saw an opportunity to both grow through the web and save their community water.

"The drought is a concern up and down the state and we wanted to highlight just how much water you can save with more efficent fixtures and general maintenance," said Richard Martin, owner of Martin Plumbing. "Trying to create a tool that both our techs and customers could use was crucial."

Breaking down the goals

Martin Plumbing told our business analysts that the water calculator project had two primary objectives.

  1. Illustrate how much water people can save through upgrades
  2. Convert users from the water calculator to their website

We immediately identified a progressive web app as the appropriate development path. Progressive web apps are proven to have higher conversion rates than non-progressive sites as proved by our own analytics and industry numbers. Our teams have significant experience developing progressive web applications, and we knew we could deliver a product that exactly served Martin Plumbing's needs. After getting approval on our myriad design, requirements, and specification documents, development began.

Delivery and Results

The water calculator was built primarily using web components and the Google-produced Polymer library. We built the logic for the calculation around the most recent data from the Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Geological Survey. The application consists of 6 questions that inform the calculation algorithm of your home's usage and potential savings within an average error margin of less than 5%. The final page of the application flow presents the highly accurate savings data, delivering on Martin Plumbing's first requirement.

The application also presents a call to action that converts to Martin Plumbing's website. We were confident in the application's ability to deliver results, and when the data came through our confidence was validated. Conversion rates for non-Ecommerce sites average around 8% in Martin Plumbing's industry category. Their conversion rates sat and now sit at nearly 20%, a 2.5 times improvement over the industry average.

"We were delighted to work again with the incredible people at Martin Plumbing. Their commitment to excellence and pushing the envelope when it comes to serving the community is admirable, and we were ecstatic to deliver this project with results beyond expectations." - Paul Perrone, Product Manager and Data Analyst

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