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Diversify the portfolio of a YouTube star with a multi-million subscriber base


5% Primary Goal Conversion

50% Secondary Goal Conversion

Being a professional content creator requires constant adaptation, competitive awareness, and the tenacity to continue when the platform changes. Captain Sparklez is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of the industry: with years of multi-million YouTube subscriber counts beneath his belt, he has stayed committed to building an audience for years through changes on YouTube. However, he recognized that the current status quo leaves content creators too dependent on externally controlled platforms.


Captain Sparklez needed a property that gave him more granular control of his vast library of digital content. The application needed to:

  1. Display the latest digital content from all of his multiple YouTube channels
  2. Allow him to control notifications to content
  3. Give him the ability to direct the user flows

Expanding to multiple content types shouldn't sacrifice a user's ability to move between a single creator's content. They should also be able to promise notifications to users who want to see more of their content and to direct users to areas where they can more directly support the creator. Accomplishing these requirements is best done by leveraging recent improvements in browser technologies and the YouTube API.

Delivery and Results

Because of their proven ability to provide stellar user experiences, we decided to build the project as a progressive web application. Programmatic access to all of Captain Sparklez' channels was provided by the YouTube API, which gave us the granularity to construct the content feeds to his specification. Notifications could be provided by the notifications web API, and are made accessible by a bell icon similar to the one featured on YouTube. Finally, ownership of the website allows for easy adjustment of user flows, allowing direction to properties that directly support Captain Sparklez.

5% of visitors chose to watch videos on the website instead of on YouTube. Additionally, over 50% of visitors visited a target number of pages on the website. The site continues to receive regular traffic from fans, and repeat users show an inclination to enable notification usage. On conversions to outside properties, we see a competitive 3% rate.

"Working with Captain Sparklez is a pleasure. An incredible creative and talented businessperson, his feedback was indispensable to creating a successful application." Laura Krake - Art and Design Department

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