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Stickman Ventures Begins Economic Development Project

One of Stickman Ventures’ core values is “to serve and build our community.” We have acted upon this value through our work with local schools, the construction of the Oakdale OpenMesh, the launch of the Oakdale Innovation Center, and serving local institutions like the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce.

In line with our values on community, we are excited and grateful to have one of our proposals chosen by the Oakdale Economic Development Fund. Bryan Whitemeyer, City Manager of Oakdale shared his thoughts about the proposal.

“SV has done great work for our community in the past, and we’re excited to see the results of this current project.”

The Oakdale Economic Development committee is responsible for the successful identification and utilization of funds for the development of Oakdale. They approved Stickman Ventures’ proposed projects for the development of the Oakdale Innovation website, Oakdale OpenMesh expansion, and Oakdale Physical Web initiative.

Stickman Ventures CEO Justin Ribiero attended the confirmation hearing and was excited to be moving forward with the project. He had this to say after the confirmation:

“Focusing our skills wholeheartedly on community development is something that we are eager to do. The Oakdale Economic Development Fund’s confirmation of our proposed project gives us the resources we need to create wonderful experiences and opportunities for the city of Oakdale.”

We look forward to continuing to help businesses, organizations, and students achieve meaningful successes.

Additional Information

Oakdale, California is the cowboy capital of the world. Located in the Central Valley of California, Oakdale is home to a wide range of businesses, professionals, and organizations. Notable annual events include the Oakdale Rodeo and Oakdale Chocolate Festival. You can learn more about Oakdale on their website.

Stickman Ventures Inc offers software development and technology services to businesses across the globe. Stickman Ventures has been a trusted source of software engineering expertise for hundreds of companies worldwide. When not helping businesses excel or developing new technologies, Stickman Ventures members can be found working with the local community, including Oakdale OpenMesh, local Maker Faires, Google Developer Group Oakdale and the Oakdale Innovation Center. Follow them on Twitter: @TeamStickman

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