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Celebrating the 10th annual Blue Beanie Day!

The month of November is filled with holiday spirit, and as we teeter on the edge of December Stickman Ventures is celebrating one final November event: Blue Beanie Day!

Stickman Ventures Blue Beanie Day!

Blue Beanie Day is all about web standards. Blue Beanie Day is designed to mitigate and reverse the growing scarcity of progressive-enhancement-focused developers as the practice of chasing the edge of web development becomes the norm.

For the web to realize its potential as a platform, the developers who build it need to utilize standards-based practices. The newest frameworks on the block are more frequently forgoing accessible web standards, commanding the lion’s share of developer attention, and generating hyper-specialized developer skill sets in the developers that use them. Many organizations that do not actively support web standards end up generating developers who:

  • Learn framework specific “Black Box” or “Walled Garden” skills

  • Advance framework specific skills as they matriculate into positions of power

  • Create web experiences that are less accessible to people with disabilities and increasingly device specific

Web standards prevent these issues. The forward-compatibility generated by experiences built on web standards places accessibility and usability at the core of future experiences: experiences built on web standards teach the developers who made them universally applicable skills. When web developers in positions of leadership encourage web experiences that are built upon web standards, companies will adopt web standard approaches that support the benefit of all operating on the web platform. And as internet access becomes ubiquitous, web standards ensure that all users of the web benefit from the experiences available to them.

Web standards are about making the web a usable, accessible, and welcoming space. By making accessibility and usability the prime directives for your project, you undoubtedly create a more inclusive web for your users, customers, friends, a11ies, and others. Leveraging web standards and ensuring your HTML validates will continue to make the web platform a future-friendly place.

Supporting the Web Platform

Much of this post was inspired by this year’s great post over at Check it out for more Blue Beanie Day quality content.

Stickman Ventures has always been a supporter of the web. We sponsor the Web Platform Podcast, contribute actively to the open source community, and embrace both web standards as well as progressive enhancement. Follow our adventures on the web and elsewhere by connecting with us on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Plus.

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