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Stickman Ventures Reflections - Part 1

Journeyman’s Log - July 09, 2015

“I believe there to be relief beyond this dune, relief from this oppressive heat. Under this sun I have been shucked; layers stripped and left to wither. I am a husk, a wraith, a creaking homunculus. The gears of my mind have been lathed, worn down, and unbearably sanded.

But I will not cease to creak. I will not surrender my voice, my legs, my quest. The job of a journeyman is to seek, and past this dune I believe I’ll reach that which I have set to meet. Step. Slip. Rise. The apex is there, not far away. Step. Step. Slip. Rise. Step. Step. Peek.

F*@%! There is yet another dune to crest. I’ll take a moment to catch my breath…”

When I began at Stickman Ventures I had no prior programming experience. I was a novice with only a few tutorials under my belt. I had not yet experienced the command-line, I frequented word processors instead of text editors, and couldn’t construct a python class if my life depended on it.

My coworkers at Stickman Ventures, by now my dear friends, were magicians to my untrained eyes. They could materialize websites, software, and advanced functionality from nothing but a text-editor. Meanwhile my technical value add was limited to the insights generated by my then blunt analytics instruments.

Responsibilities at work required me to start learning how to code. I spent hours at work and home skilling up, growing familiar with the basics. My early efforts went smoothly: tutorials for basic coding conventions are widely available, and obstacles I encountered were easily navigated by quick studies. I covered the syntax of python, html, css, and javascript within a week. I began using git, which allowed me to collaborate on projects where I could be of use. I had gained the ability to add value in an area I could not contribute to before.

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