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Analytics Reporting for Small Business

Implementing the systems to track and store business data is a significant undertaking for any business, but is an undertaking big corporations have been adopting in droves. The global dominance of corporations such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and others is largely due to their successful data practices. Many of the business acquisitions taking place today are driven by the data acquirees have access too and which purchasers know they can leverage. But without the resources of a large business or highly technical team, devoting the time and personel to extract insights from data is frequently an impossibility for interested small businesses.

The tooling available for small businesses to leverage their data has improved within recent years, but businesses without a dedicated technical staff or the training to take advantage of digital analytics have struggled to leverage their data to its fullest extent. The data your business collects is a valuable asset, and being able to determine which product sells best at scale, how long it takes to make a sale for each of your services, or what types of customers are of the most value to your business is of great importance. Insights and data driven decision-making empower your business with the knowledge to compete in the digital age.

The Insights Solution

Stickman Ventures Analytics Reporting

To save small businesses time, to save them money, and to allow them to compete within the digital business landscape of today, Stickman Ventures is offering Analytics Reporting Packages for Small Businesses. We offer the following three types of analytics reporting:

  • Quarterly Reports

  • Monthly Reports

  • Custom Reports (Must be an existing Reporting Client)

Your reports will be compiled using whatever data you choose to make available to us, which includes but is not limited to data from MySQL Databases, Google Analytics, Adwords, YouTube, BigQuery, Cloud SQL, YouTube Analytics, and Google Sheets. Don’t know what data you have available? We’ll walk through your existing data assets and help you with simple implementations to aggregate all you have to leverage.

We are offering these service to small businesses at $250/yr for Quarterly Reporting, $500/yr for Monthly Reporting, and $250/each for Custom Reporting. If you’re an Oakdale Chamber of Commerce Member, you qualify for a 20% discount that applies to every one of the offered services.

Let Us Help Your Business

We have been building web, software, and custom technology for years. We have been fortunate enough to work with some incredible small businesses during that time who have taught us what we can do to help small businesses compete on the web. Our small business analytics reporting is a way for us to take those lessons and serve businesses with concrete deliverables.

If you’re interested in a sample report or think your business can leverage analytics reporting tuned for small businesses, then contact us today.

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