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Beautiful and Affordable Small Business Websites

Local small businesses are at the heart and soul of our communities. Who doesn’t have a local eatery or store they recommend to out of towners? Small businesses are resources, meeting places, providers, places to learn, places to ask questions, and so much more.

Today finding that next great local spot or service has become tied to the web. It is crucial for small businesses to have an online presence to help them stay open, serve customers, and grow their business. Whether it is a phone call, store visit, or purchase, 55% of conversions happen within an hour of a mobile search query.

Not being found is no longer an option. And small businesses know this, but couldn’t alone navigate a greater issue that needed to be addressed.

Listening to the Small Business Community

We may be known for our larger web applications and custom software, but we are no strangers to working with small business. We frequently mentor and work with small businesses in our communities on topics extending beyond technical matters. In the last several months we have received a stream of calls, emails, and knocks on our door from small businesses looking for help with their online presence.

“I spent $10K and I can’t even update my store hours” said one exasperated owner.

“They promised me I’d be ranked #1 on Google” many repeated to us.

“I don’t have a lot of time but I know I need something” one lamented.

While the stories varied, the problem was clear: small businesses knew they needed help with their online presence but were either being price gouged, lead down a path that didn’t serve their interests, or quite frankly being lied to.

We thought surely there must be a better solution. We did some after hours research and found nothing that comprehensively served the best interests of small businesses: antiquated technologies, proprietary platforms, and prohibitive time investment requirements were common features of what we found. So we sat down and built a quick and affordable solution ourselves.

Introducing a Better Alternative

Stickman Ventures is proud to offer small businesses a fresh look, free hosting, and a setup designed for competing on the modern web. These websites are affordable, beautiful, and optimized for small business: low time commitment, low overhead, and no recurring fees.

Utilizing our expertise in web development we have aggregated the tools proven to perform for small and large businesses alike. Using the best mix of open source and custom technology available we can offer you a better business website today.

  • Built on Wordpress open source

  • Secure site with HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt

  • Free Physical Web Beacon for Your Business

  • We help you with Google Search Console, Analytics, and Business Listing setup

  • We migrate your existing content to a page structure built for you, ready for mobile and desktop devices

We are offering this service to small businesses $499 out the door. If you’re an Oakdale Chamber of Commerce Member, you qualify for a 20% discount that lowers your cost to just $399.

No hosting fee. No lock-in maintenance contract. We’re not charging you money for the tools you can use for free. To learn more about all the features or sign up to discuss, visit our product page.

Beautiful and Affordable Small Business Websites by Stickman Ventures

Open and Honest

Stickman Ventures loves the open web. We contribute to open source projects, sponsor The Web Platform Podcast, and work to push the open web forward. This is why what we have bundled together takes advantage of the best open source technologies available to everyone today. The websites we are offering do not lock you into proprietary technologies or restrict you from pursuing what is best for your business.

Rather, we designed our small business web package from the ground up to answer the problems facing small businesses, and can offer the service because of our ability to scale, our expertise in our field, and the valuable lessons we learned from working with small business communities.

  1. Proven to Perform: We learned much of what our service can do by working with local businesses. We have built custom website implementations for small businesses in our area that used much of the technology our service is built with. These websites have significantly increased the visibility and search relevance of their owners. Some of the businesses and organizations we have built websites for include: Cafe Bliss, Cowboy Toffee, Farm to Kids, Oakdale Openmesh,the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce, and Monica Perrone Landscape Architecture.

  2. Inexpensive to Adopt: Our service has no hidden fees, no subscriptions, and no recurring payments of any kind. You pay a single affordable project rate. And if your local Chamber of Commerce has partnered with us, then the rate can be discounted.

  3. Free to Host: The cost for us to host your web content is negligible, and any costs of providing the service are included within the cost of our service.

  4. Simple to Use: Our service is built upon WordPress, a website creation tool and content management system that 26% of the web runs upon. All of your content will be easily added to, built upon, and edited with ease due to WordPress’ globally endorsed content management system.

  5. The Best Tech: By leveraging the best open source, premium, and custom technology we can deliver a turnkey solution that millions of websites have vetted as the premier CMS platform. We curated the best themes, plugins, and technology to run your website on WordPress, and what we didn’t find we built ourselves. Your website will be made secure, indexable, and responsive across all platforms to help to allow your business to compete on the web.

Let Us Help Your Business

We have been building web, software, and custom technology for years. We have been fortunate enough to work with some incredible small businesses during that time who have taught us what we can do to help small businesses compete on the web. Our small business websites are a way for us to take those lessons and serve businesses with a concrete deliverable.

If you think your business can use a modern website tuned for small business, then contact us today.

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