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Now serving a new vertical: United States government agencies

At the office, we focus on people. People use software, our applications, the products we develop in a variety of circumstances. We look forward as much as we can to build the most robust interfaces and architectures we can to be time tested.

By our definition and those of the clients and partners we’ve worked with, we have been successful. We have created useable and extendable software for the web and beyond.

Government applications, sometimes by choice other times by necessity, is something many people deal with. We are not immune; like most people we have been frustrated by the web interfaces and applications we’ve encountered.

The software that federal employees, contractors, and citizens use to interact with their govenment does not have to be poor.

A flag waves from a porch. Stickman Ventures now serves US government agencies.

To that end we wanted to make a difference. Which means to be in the running for those projects, you’ve got to go the (paperwork) distance. We’ve recently completed all the required steps in the United States System for Award Management (SAM), updated for the Nth time our Dun and Bradstreet information, was assigned the required CAGE number and a few dozen other steps.

We were approved yesterday. We sent out responses to RFIs and RFPs the same day. We’re going to propose modern web applications, we’re going to propose user experiences that are outside the normal range of things that we’ve seen in use.

If you’re a US federal agency searching through the system for vendors, consider us for your next RFI. Consider the future of what the web, backends and your software can be. We can help you build it. We’re happy to submit the paperwork. We’re happy to take the time.

We are going to try to do better by all.

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