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Sponsoring The Web Platform Podcast

We are hearty believers in the open web. Let us not forget the days of yore, huddled in the masses of document.all and document.layers, crying out into the night for a better web, a more extensible web. The discussions on many a mailing list have reminded us we don’t care for mailing lists.

In line with our beliefs and in search of a better alternative to the mailing list juggle, we are proud to announce that we are now sponsoring The Web Platform Podcast, a podcast dedicated to substantial discussion of all things web from developers building the platform today.

Host Erik Isaksen has done an amazing job building the show into a massive resource for every web developer. The very least we can do is offer sponsorship to help offset some of the ongoing costs and say thank you to him, his great lineup of panelists and special guests from all over the web.

The Web Platform Podcast releases a new podcast each week. Visit their website to catch up with the latest developments on the web and select discounts.

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