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Building an experimental game: Tap and TapTapGreyDuck

TAP! is the brainchild of TapTapGreyDuck, a spinoff of Stickman Ventures. The game is based on a the simple premises of tapping the screen to win and making tapping the screen a fun and engaging experience for the end user.

The game was conceived to be as simple yet polished a product as possible. We utilized a few high quality assets, simple screens, simple navigation, clean presentation, and a crisp custom build of the open-source game engine Godot. The end result is an easily maintained, consistently evolving experience that is accessable to and explorable by all.

Look forward to more content wrapped in the same simple Tap! package as today. We look forward to continuing to support Tap! products and bringing an elegant, simple gameplay experience to users of all ages.

The game is currently available for free on Android devices via Google Play.

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