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The Video Game Awards featuring our Minecraft animation clip

If you happened to watch the Video Game Awards on Spike TV on December 7th, you might have noticed a Minecraft clip that aired that put the host of the program, Sam Jackson, in the game.

One would often assume that segment was produced by Mojang, but rather that was the animation stylings of David Steele and Jordan Maron. We were originally contacted by the producers of the program a few months before the air date, as they had viewed some of David’s previous Minecraft related animations.

We able to get said clip completed with time to spare. If you recognized the voice of happy guy, who gets taken down by Sam, that was Jordan.

We want to say thank you to Geoff Keighley and the producers at the VGA’s for giving us a ring. We had a blast being able to produce it.

Render still from VGA

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