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Software is more than just code: it's your competitive advantage, what sets your business apart from the pack. Stop settling for off the shelf software and half-baked development. Choose a LEADDR™ in the industry, Stickman Ventures.

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Understanding stakeholders, existing process, your long term strategy, and where the economic value for a project is within your organization is often list in a sea of technical jargon when custom code is involved.

With our LEADDR™ process, we've taken decades worth of experience and developed a system that helps find sustainable improvements for your organization that goes beyond just code.

People and Software: Developing LEADDR™
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Your Project, Documented.

Stickman Ventures believes that just because you may not write code or understand an n-tier architecture doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to understanding your project and processes.

Unlike many firms, Stickman Ventures does more than just write code: we'll help you gather your requirements, document your processes, and deliver a bulletproof final product.

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Strategic Partnership with Beaudette Consulting

Partnership will deliver joint solutions for companies to work more efficiently and profitably via lean processes and custom developed software.

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Whether your a Fortune 500 company or operating a small business, Stickman Ventures has delivered sustainable improvements and value to 100's of companies regardless of employee count.

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Driven by our mission

For a decade, Stickman Ventures has operated and lived by a mission and core set of values that have helped us not only grow, but have made our clients and customers successful.

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Case Study

Saving water by engaging customers

In drought-stricken California, a regional plumbing company takes a creative business leap and defines not just a new process, but a new progressive web app to engage customers.

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